5 Things We Can’t Wait to See in Disney-Pixar’s ‘Cars 3’

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Disney fans, start your engines! This summer, the creative forces behind Disney and Pixar will release their much-anticipated film, Cars 3, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally return to the amazing world of Disney-Pixar’s Cars series. Since the world of Lightning McQueen and friends is rich with great characters, amazing locations, and exciting stories, we’re taking a look back into the incredible world of Cars, and looking ahead to five things we can’t wait to see in Disney’s upcoming movie Cars 3. Buckle up as we race through our top five most anticipated things we hope to see in Pixar’s next film when it hits theaters this June.

The Return of Our Favorite Characters

Whether it be the lightning-fast racer Lightning McQueen, the wise-cracking Mater, or any of the loyal, lovable residents of Radiator Springs, the Cars film are filled with fantastic characters throughout. When Disney-Pixar’s Cars 3 hits theaters this June, we can’t wait to finally see all of our favorite character reunite on the big-screen once again, along with a wonderful cast of new characters and exciting adventures.

The Introduction of Wonderful and Weird Characters:

While the world of Cars has no shortage of wonderful and wacky characters, Pixar’s next installment, Cars 3 takes their character lineup to a whole new level. That’s because Cars 3 not only reunites all of your favorite characters, but also introduces a cast of new ones. The Cars series is well-known for its wonderful characters, and we can’t wait to see where these new characters will take the series next.

Amazing Locations and Fantastic Stories:

Just as much as the Cars universe is filled with great characters, the film has no shortage of fantastic locations to visit and explore. From the quiet and hospitable Radiator Springs, to the exciting and dramatic Piston Cup raceway, every location inhabited by Lightning McQueen and friends is rich with excitement and heart. Therefore, we are excited to be able to explore the amazing world within Cars 3 once again, and see where Lightning McQueen’s adventure will lead him next.

Pixar’s Ability in Storytelling and Artistry:

If there’s anything that Disney-Pixar is well-known for, it’s for their ability to combine incredible storytelling and stunning visual artistry that pushes the limits and boundaries of animation. When the original Cars was released in theaters in June of 2006, it re-defined animation through visual artistry, whether it be the stunning landscapes of Route 66 to the immense details in the Piston Cup raceway arena. The animators were also challenged with coming up with a way to bring the cast of the vehicle characters to life, which was a challenge that was new to the Pixar team. Through much research, the team would need to determine which characters would represent which movement in relation to their personality and age. The result was a lifelike stunning breakthrough, and now, eleven years after the release of the original film, Cars 3 promises to be another beautiful film filled with breakthrough visuals and technology, and we can’t wait to see what Pixar’s talented team of artists have in store for us this time.

The Heart and Emotion That Make a Cars Film Unique:

Mostly, what we are looking forward to most is the thing that makes Pixar’s Cars movies so unique, and that of course, is its heart and character. All three Cars movies reminds all of us about the importance of family, persistence, and never giving up on ourselves. The thing that makes Cars so special is that it shows us how we can always strive to do better, and that when we work hard to achieve our goals, nothing is impossible.

Now that we’ve listed our top five most anticipated things we’re looking forward to in Cars 3, we want to hear your thoughts. Share what you’re looking forward to most from Cars 3 in the comments below in order to be automatically entered for your chance to win a copy of Cars 3: The Essential Guide (No Purchase Necessary. Must reside within the United States of America or Canada in order to be eligible to win.) Stay tuned next week for more information on other ways that you can win this epic Cars 3 prize pack.

Good luck Disney fans, and don’t forget to see Cars 3 when it hits theaters this Friday!


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  1. Awesome contest! I’m most looking forward to simply a GOOD cars movie especially since Cars 2 was so so bad.

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