Disney Cosplay and Merchandise Aplenty at Toronto ComiCon 2017

This past weekend, our pal and contributor Nick Moreau attended one of Canada’s biggest fan conventions, Toronto ComicCon to check out all the Disney things to see and purchase. We’re thrilled to share his report of all the Disney things to be found including panels, cosplay, and even merchandise.
Nick Moreau- This spring event shares organizers with Fan Expo, but only in recent years has it started to rapidly expand. For now, it’s only on one level of the South Hall of Metro Toronto Convention Centre, compared to the multi-floor, multi-hall autumn event. Would there still be many Disney cosplayers, I wondered, given the many fandoms?
With Beauty and the Beast opening in theatres that weekend, outfits based on the animated version of Belle were the new Harley Quinn: pretty much everywhere. Surprisingly, though, whereas Harleys often are joined by Jokers, no Beasts, Gastons, or enchanted objects were to be seen. Other princesses remained popular, with one woman bringing a boudoir-spin to Cinderella, as part of a larger photoshoot.
Two groups offered mashups on the princesses: a group of lightsaber-wielding Jedi princesses including a Moana, and five cosplayers wearing outfits inspired by the Assassin’s Creed video game.
The popularity of Gravity Falls characters hasn’t let up. Given that there were at least two Kim Possibles and one Shego at the event, Mabel Pines should be attending cons for years to come.
Recent features represented included Moana, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Inside Out, Maleficent, and Wreck-It Ralph. Zootopia is fading fast, though: where there were numerous Nick and Judys a few months ago, there was only one rep from the mammal metropolis this time around.
The 501st Battalion held a charity fundraising booth as per normal, bringing droids, Stormtroopers, and seeing the Emperor ascend his throne. Other Star Wars outfits included a BB-8 dress, a Planet of the Apes Stormtrooper, and a very angry Winnie the Pooh Wookiee.

Actor Ray Park (The Phantom Menace) was on hand throughout the weekend to sign autographs. Video of his Friday panel is available online.

Marvel outfits were outnumbered by DC, perhaps an echo of local interest in Suicide Squad, when it was filming on the streets of Toronto. Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Gwen dominated Marvel outfits, but a Thing outfit attracted lots of attendee photos.

While various retailers had Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars merchandise, two featured these properties. Royal Selangor brought a life-sized pewter replica of Han Solo in carbonite to front their booth, which featured various ships from the Star Wars universe, and publisher Joe Books displayed their various Disney titles including Cinestory, Frozen, Disney Princess, and the newly released Darkwing Duck. One booth had a Stitch figure imported from Japan, one of only 500 made.
The event ran three days, with Saturday being the prime time for cosplay spotting. Attending on the Sunday of the event was one of the more involved Darkwing Duck cosplays I’ve seen. Here’s hoping they flap back to another event!

Kim Possible: Hazeljv; Shego: RegalQuinn; Boudoir Cinderella: IronKitty Cosplay; three of the group of five princesses: Cosplay Sisters; Belle with Snow White: Forever Fairest; Lady Deadpool: Tumbling Cosplay

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  1. Hi there,

    I represent a part of a group called, The Marvelous Girls of KW Cosplay. We were the Assassin’s Creed princesses. Thank you for the photo and the mention in this article!

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