Fan Expo Canada 2017 Was Full of Disney Fun and Cosplay

Many thanks to Nick Moreau for writing this report of Canada’s biggest fan convention. 

Disney was well represented at Fan Expo Canada last weekend, a four-day convention heralded as the third largest in North America. Kathleen Turner did a Q&A during the event, so packed that Mickey Mindset couldn’t get in! Robbie Benson and Paige O’Hara of Beauty and the Beastare scheduled for a Sunday session.

This trip report includes lots of Disney cosplay, including a meetup event, a new animatronic Jabba the Hutt, Thor props, and more. Cosplay credits follow the article if you’d like to follow any of these fantastic fans online.

Disney Cosplay

Lets start with a few neat surprises: Atlantis‘ Kida, Disney Descendants‘ Mal and Evie, a Wilderness Explorer, Hercules, Sailor Scouts princesses, Cruella de Vil with Gadget Hackwrench, Maui, and Kim Possible‘s Dr. Drakken with Shego. (Shego, oddly, seemed to be the third most populous Disney character after Belle and Ariel, but Dr. Drakken was an uncommon sight.)

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But then: Mertle Edmonds! Not only that, Mertle being chomped in the arm by Lilo!

Katherinator Cosplay, who was the featured image for our Fan Expo Canada preview this year, organized a Disney cosplay meetup. It was well attended, with at least 31 people sharing their love of characters like Dr. Facilier with Scar, Captain Salazar, Ursula, Fa Mulan, the Evil Queen, and Kingdom Hearts‘ Ventus. Doubling up the Epic Mickey factor created by Katherine, a friend was in attendance as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!

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There were lots of cosplayers at the event, including a number that didn’t attend the event.

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Star Wars events and cosplay

The Force was with Fan Expo Canada this year. With Star Wars: Rebels entering its final season, attendees had a chance to watch the season opener and then participate in a Q & A with cast members and the producer. The 501st Legion created a brand new Jabba the Hutt. For a $5 donation, people could pose with the giant animatronic. Many members of the 501st Garrison and Rebel Legion were in attendance, as well as unaffiliated cosplayers.

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During a panel featuring members of the R2 Builders Club, 501st, and Rebel Legion, it was mentioned that it takes 900 hours to 3D print a BB-8 droid!

Thor Display and Marvel Cosplay

Disney’s contribution to the convention was a display of costumes and props from Thor: Ragnarok. Also photographed is a Nebula and Gwenom.

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The #HasbroStore was one of the merchandising highlights, with San Diego Comic Con exclusives from the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel. It was packed for the first few hours of the day. One outlet had framed animation production cels from Disney movies, with prices to match.

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I leave you with No-Face

Even deadly spirits have to buy transit tickets home.

Thanks to the cosplayers

Cosplayers photographed included the hosts of Our Didnee Side YouTube channel as Gadget Hackwrench and Ursula ( ), Katherinator Cosplay as Epic Mickey ( ), Snowangelrika as Ventus ( ), Karli Sal as Lilo ( ), Erin Elliott as Mertle ( ), Meghan Hinson as Scar ( ) and Faraway Cosplay as Ariel ( ). In the dance party are Oliver Marriott ( ) and Lucy Lawless Cosplay ( ).

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