Montreal Comic-Con Boasts the Perfect Fan Event Full of Disney-Fan Fun

In our effort to stay up to date with Disney-related happenings at every Comic-Con and fan conventions everywhere, this week, we’re proud to share our coverage of a very special Disney fan event which takes place for our readers up north, in Canada. As we prepare for the D23 Expo taking place this week in Anaheim, California, we take a look back at a special yet smaller Comic-Con which unfolded this weekend. This past weekend saw the annual Montreal Comic-Con host its ninth consecutive addition, and we at The Mickey Mindset were on the scene to cover everything Disney related to be found throughout the convention, and so much more.

This year’s lineup consisted of a handful of really great Disney-related guests, including Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Elizabeth Henstridge, Marvel’s Agent Carter‘s Enver Gjokaj, Cars 3′s Nathan Fillion, Boy Meets World’s Will Friedle, DuckTales’ David Tennant, Lilo and Stitch’s Tia Carrere, and many others. We attempted to cover everything there was to be found at the convention floor out in Montreal, and thanks to the fine folks in Montreal who invited us and helped us be able to bring our report to the convention, we’re thrilled to have been able to bring that coverage to you now.

‘Boy Meets World’s Will Friedle. Photo by Montreal Comic-Con

First, upon the start of the convention, we checked in with Will Friedle’s Q&A panel. Friedle is famous for his work on Disney’s Boy Meets World, as well as appearing on the Disney Channel sequel Girl Meets World a couple of years ago. While much of the focus was on Friedle’s Batman and Transformers work, Friedle spent much time discussing his work on Boy Meets World, and how the character of Eric evolved from being the supporting ‘cool, older brother of Cory’ to simply providing slapstick as an effort to lighten up the show in troubling story plots. He went on to explain that showrunner Michael Jacobs would feel the need to lighten the mood after pulling the story in too many emotional directions, like the death of Shawn’s father, for example, the story would quickly cut to Eric to add comedy before cutting back to the more intense parts of the plot. Friedle always felt the character of Eric sort-of ‘jumped the shark’ and became a little too one-dimensional or just a slapstick element, but he always loved working with the series and was thrilled to return to Girl Meets World, over a decade later.

John Ryes Davis. Photo courtesy of Montreal Comic-Con.

Next, we stopped by the panel of John Ryes Davies, best known for his role as Gimli in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, but here, we know him as Sallah from the Indiana Jones films, the voice of Cassim in Aladdin King of Thieves, his role in The Jungle Book 2, and The Lion Guard. Davies largely focused on his work on Lord of the Rings, naturally, but also discussed how these roles have taken a toll on his acting career, and how it stopped him from being able to pursue the films/roles he wanted to take on. Later in the day, Jeremy Bulloch took the stage to discuss his work as portraying Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy, and how the role of Fett has changed his life ever since.

Nathan Fillion, at Montreal Comic-Con.

Due to constraints, we had not managed to get coverage of Elizabeth Henstridge’s panel, nor David Tennant’s, but we were able to return for Nathan Fillion’s brilliant panel, in which Fillion talked about his journey to where he is today, and how his roles in films (including Disney titles, Guardians of the Galaxy, Monsters University, Gravity Falls, Cars 3) would not be possible without the journey of misfires and cancellations, like Firefly, which remains popular in geek culture to this day. Fillion stole the show and kept the audience in stitches, and showed his Canadian pride throughout.

Enver Gjokaj, at Montreal Comic-Con.

For our final panel, we took part in a panel celebrating Enver Gjokaj, who played Agent Daniel Sousa in Marvel’s now-cancelled Agent Carter. Gjokaj enlightened the audience of stories of working behind-the-scenes on the series, and the research and work he put in to properly portray Sousa, while also being honest and truthful to people with disabilities, as Gjokaj himself does not wear a crutch. In response to a question asked by yours truly whether or not Agent Carter will ever make a comeback, Gjokaj said that the folks at Marvel really cared for the series and wanted it to succeed and that the team was really putting all of their efforts into seeing this show take off. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough to convince Disney’s other property, ABC Television, not to can the series, but the fact that ABC was so passionate about killing another Disney-owned property from the network just gives a bit of insight into how separate these companies are, even though they are all ultimately owned by the same corporation. Gjokaj says he learned a lot through the experience of playing Sousa, and that the series is sure to live on, if not only for the excellent messages and storytelling it boasts.

With that, the 2017 Montreal Comic-Con came to a close, and unlike many of the conventions we cover, this one was filled to the brim with Disney connections and celebrities. We’re thrilled to have been able to shine a spotlight on this convention, which is definitely a must-attend for our Canadian readers in the region and is the perfect local event for any Disney fan or pop culture lover that can’t make it out to events like D23 all the way out in California.

We can’t wait to return to Montreal Comic-Con next year, and to see which Disney-related guests they might bring next time! Be sure to stay tuned for our coverage of Disney’s bi-annual D23 Expo taking place this weekend as well, right here on our website.


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