‘Star Wars’ Fans Should Have Faith in Kathleen Kennedy

Last evening, out of nowhere, Lucasfilm dropped a bombshell of an announcement on the StarWars.com website, announcing that Colin Trevorrow has been dismissed as the director of Star Wars: Episode IX, which is currently slated for a May 2019 release date. This is quite shocking, because there was little indication of any behind-the-scenes trouble on Episode IX, and even more significant, is the fact that this is the third dismissal of a Star Wars director, a list that includes Josh Trank of the now-cancelled Boba Fett movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller of the Han Solo movie, and now finally, Colin Trevorrow.

Of course, it would seem that Lucasfilm has somehow ended up in a state of disaster in backstage conflicts and alternative visions. Even worse, it would appear that Lucasfilm, and the studio’s CEO, Kathleen Kennedy, are either heading the franchise towards disaster or worse, only interested in producing safe cookie-cutter films, instead of trying new things and being ambitious with their films. However, Star Wars fans shouldn’t lose faith just yet in the future of the series beyond The Last Jedi, and that’s because Disney’s secret weapon is still helming the most popular film series of all time, and that’s Kathleen Kennedy.

Kennedy not only has a producing legacy of a track-record behind her, which not only includes helming the highly successful and well-received The Force Awakens and Rogue One but also on classics like E.T. and Jurassic Park. Kennedy was handpicked by George Lucas to take on the reigns of Lucasfilm when he retired and sold his life work to The Walt Disney Company. Since Disney’s purchase, and under Kennedy’s control, Lucasfilm has been revolutionized and resurrected the franchise with new creativity and ambition. Those successes weren’t without troubles though. Last year, Kennedy’s team ordered director Gareth Edwards to reshoot many elements of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which from all indications, greatly improved the film, and it was certainly something we enjoyed immensely.

Kathleen Kennedy is not only highly qualified to operate such a big-budget franchise, but she’s incredibly well-versed in the universe of these characters and deeply understands what Star Wars means to so many. No, we may never know what Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo might have been like, or if Trevorrow’s work on IX was actually any good, but if there’s anything that’s been proven, it’s that under Kennedy, Star Wars is at its highest point of quality consistency. In credit for her great work, you not only deserve to remain optimistic about the future of Star Wars but allow your faith in Kennedy’s Lucasfilm. We’re at a truly great era of Star Wars, which is something we may not have been able to arrive at without the leadership of Kennedy’s experience. For that reason, Star Wars fans should leave their faith in the franchise, and not lose faith in this new exciting era of Star Wars storytelling.

Otherwise, we’ll find your lack of faith disturbing.

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